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Mayweather beats McGregor in 10th round in money spinning bout

Floyd Mayweather Jr. put up another stellar performance in the much publicised fight with U.F.C. champion and first-time boxer Conor McGregor in Las Vegas in the early hours of Sunday. Mayweather proved his mettle as he came out victorious in his 50th professional match having won all the previous 49 bouts.

The victory improved Mayweather’s record to 50-0, and allowed the typically defensive fighter to say farewell in thrilling fashion in what he said was his last fight. It also proved right the naysayers who said that this fight was nothing more than a glorified, money-making exhibition.

Going into the fight, Mayweather had declared the fight was not going to go the distance, and he delivered on that promise as barrage of punches landed on McGregor forced Referee Byrd to stop the fight with 1:55 minutes to go in the 10th round.

McGregor’s face was completely bloodied and he was about to fall through the ropes as Mayweather backed him onto the ropes with a series of right and lefts jabbings.

“I gave the fans what they wanted to see,” Mayweather said after the fight. “I told them that I owed them for the Pacquiao fight. I must come straight ahead and give them a show.”

“This was my last fight tonight ladies and gentlemen, for sure,” Mayweather said.

Things went just the way most pundits said they would. McGregor had no way of connecting cleanly with Mayweather. He landed a few touch punches but nothing solid the entire fight. And given that U.F.C. fights are much shorter than boxing matches, McGregor’s stamina was in question. And he certainly tired in the late rounds as Mayweather made easy work of him.

Although McGregor is one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts, he had not boxed since he was a teenager, and had no professional boxing matches under his belt.

The fight was fashioned on the strength of two bombastic personalities with huge fan bases, making for a ripe promotional draw. It was expected to pull more than half a billion dollars in revenue. The pull of the money was so strong that Mayweather ended his two-year retirement to step into the ring with McGregor. To many, the fight was more exhibition than authentic.

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